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CLASS: Spider Guard Attacks on kneeling opponent (22-Apr-24)

Class Instructions • 9m 53s

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    When your opponent attempts to escape your side control by securing an underhook, you can step over his body into a technical mount and launch attacks with a Kimura, omoplata, monoplata, or gold chain armbar.

  • CLASS: Counters to Underhook Escapes ...

    When you have side control, and your opponent secures an underhook as part of his escape, you can use that underhook to attack that arm and shoulder. You can do a Kimura, wristlock, omoplata, monoplata, or armbar.

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    When your opponent attempts to get to chest-to-chest side control, use prevention by turning on your side and framing both of your arms on his arm that he would use for head control. If he gets to a tight side control with head control on you, then you start with arm frames and keep adding to you...