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CLASS: X-Guard Entries and Attacks (2-May-24)

Class Instructions • 11m

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  • CLASS: Basic X-Guard Entries & Sweeps...

    How to enter the X-Guard from butterfly guard whether the opponent is standing or kneeling. Once in X-Guard, you can do back sweeps by controlling the far leg, or do the technical get up sweep by lifting the nearside leg.

  • CLASS: Entry and Sweeps from Backside...

    Entry to the X Guard from Butterfly guard. To enter backside X Guaurd, get the opponent to fall forward onto his hands, and then lift the nearside leg and place it on the other side of your head and immediately grab his hip. Then from there, you can do a sweep or backtake.

  • CLASS: Intro to X Guard with Basic En...

    Intro to the X Guard position with entries from butterfly and open guards. Learn simple back sweeps with far leg grip or ankle pick, learn forward sweep with the far sleeve grip, and learn the get up sweep with single leg.