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Grading Syllabuses

Seated Guard Sweeps and Single Leg Takedowns


Up Next in White Belt 1st Stripe

  • Americana from Side Control top

    When you have side control on your opponent, and he puts arm frame in front of your head, you can attack his arm with an Americana shoulder lock by pushing his wrist to the mat and connecting your arms.

  • Rear Choke in NoGi

    The rear choke from back control without use of gi grips is called the "Rear Naked Choke" (RNC). The standard RNC uses both of your arms locked together. This video shows details on how to safely lock the arms together to minimize the opponent's defense.

  • Rear Choke using Gi

    When you have back control with the seat belt, these are common chokes using the gi to secure the choke from behind.