Grading Syllabuses

Grading Syllabuses

2 Seasons

These are videos demonstrating the techniques used in the grading syllabuses used at VR Jiu-Jitsu. (1) White Belt no stripes TO White Belt 1st Stripe (2) White belt 1st stripe TO Blue Belt

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Grading Syllabuses
  • Basic Side Control Escape to Guard using Frames

    Episode 1

    When your opponent has a tight side control with head control, you must start with arm frames, and then bridge into him to add your knee, shin, or feet. Keep increasing the number of limbs to your frame until you have a guard.

  • Hip Bump Sweep to Kimura from Closed Guard

    Episode 2

    When doing the hip bump sweep from closed guard and the opponent posts his hand, you can put his arm into a kimura trap and execute an effective shoulder lock.

  • Hip Bump Sweep from Closed Guard using Cross Sleeve grip

    Episode 3

    When in closed guard and doing the hip bump sweep, you can choose to use the cross sleeve grip to pull your opponent forward. When he resists by pulling back, you can use that momentum to sit up and bump him backwards.

  • Hip Bump Sweep from Closed Guard using NoGi

    Episode 4

    How to do the standard Hip Bump Sweep from closed guard by cupping the elbow to prevent the post.

  • Warmups 1 - Rolls, Bridges, Triangles

    Episode 5

    This video describes how to do the solo warmups for forward roll, backward roll, bridge over shoulder, and triangle shoot.

  • Warmups 2 - Break Fall and Technical Stand

    Episode 6

    This video shows you how to perform the break fall and the technical stand. Then it shows how you can combine them into a practical sequence that demonstrates how you should safely fall backwards and then get back onto your feet.

  • Warmups 3 - Shrimp and Shrimp to Turtle

    Episode 7

    This video shows you how to do the shrimp movement (hip escape), and how to follow it up with a movement to turtle and then back to guard.

  • Warmups 4 - S and Hip Switches

    Episode 8

    This video shows 4 warmup drills: S switches with the knees, S switches with the legs, Hip switches belly up, and Hip switches belly down.

  • Warmups 5 - Butt Scoots, Combat Base, Sit Through, Gecko

    Episode 9

    This video shows you how to do 4 warmup drills: (1) Forward Butt Scoot (2) Get up to Combat Base (3) Sit Through (4) Gecko Walk

  • Maintaining Side Control

    Episode 10

    This video shows the proper way to hold down side control using tightness instead of heavy smashing. Use the cross face to prevent him from turning into you, stay on the balls of your feet, and keep center of gravity very low.

  • Maintaining Mount and Technical Mount

    Episode 11

    The mount position is sitting on the torso below the shoulder line. Your legs must be beneath one or two arms. You can also use the technical mount as the opponent moves onto his side by redistributing your weight among your knee, foot, and hip.

  • Maintaining Good Back Control

    Episode 12

    To maintain good back control, you must ensure a good seat belt and a good chest-to-back connection with your shoulder glued to the back of the neck. When the opponent is trying to escape, keep a good chest-to-back connection regardless of the configuration of the hook.

  • Pulling Closed Guard

    Episode 13

    When you start a match in the standing position, and you want the closed guard position, secure grips on the collar and sleeve. Then put a foot on the hip and sit down while pulling down his upper body. If he remains standing after you sit, raise your hips off the ground using the foot on his hip...

  • Maintaining Knee Shield Half Guard

    Episode 14

    The knee shield half guard is when you have half guard, but you are on your side with your top knee keeping distance. Keep you're knees apart and ensure that your bottom knee is also in front of the opponent's hip.

  • Maintaining Seated Open Guard

    Episode 15

    This video shows you the details of how the open guard should be maintained. Sit up leaning forward with your knees wide apart.

  • Grip Break - Sleeve and Collar using 2 hands

    Episode 16

    When opponent grabs the hem of your sleeve (cross or same side), an easy grip break is to use 2 hands. You can also use 2 hands to break a collar grip (cross or same side).

  • Fundamentals of Side Control Escape - Part 1

    Episode 17

    When the opponent has just passed your guard while you are on your back, prevent the head control and shrimp onto your side to recover your guard.

  • Fundamentals of Side Control Escape - Part 2

    Episode 18

    When opponent gets connection to your head and chest-to-chest compression, you need to start your arm frames and do a high bridge to the side to create the space you need when you drop your hips into a shrimp.

  • Fundamentals of Side Control Escape - Part 3

    Episode 19

    When you do a full bridge, but cannot create enough space for a big shrimp, aim to get just a bit of your knee in front of the opponent to begin building your frame.

  • Mount Escape Fundamentals

    Episode 20

    This video shows guard recovery from the opponent's mount position with the technique depending on how the opponent is mounted.

  • Escape Back Control using Shoulder Scrape

    Episode 21

    When in back control with a seatbelt, you immediately put your head to the mat on the underhook side and scrape your shoulders along the mat. Ensure that you do not allow the full mount once the opponent has decided to abandon the back control.

  • Escape Back Control using Arm Over Head

    Episode 22

    When in the opponent's back control, you can seize the opponent's choking arm and bring it to the other side of your head. Then turn into him to escape his back control, while trying to avoid the closed guard.

  • Fundamentals of Knee Cut Pass

    Episode 23

    How to execute the knee slice pass with maximum control. Crucial details to prevent common counters.

  • Closed Guard Break by Standing with Knee Wedge (part 1)

    Episode 24

    When in closed guard, you secure lapel and sleeve grips. Then stand up and align your knees against the bum and round your back. When guard opens, you immediately staple the leg, secure a cross face and back step out of the guard. Finish with stapling leg for the pass. Part 1 of 2.