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Grading Syllabuses

Triangle Escapes by Stretching

6m 48s

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  • Cutting Armbar from Mount or Side Con...

    When opponent straightens either arm in your mount, you can trap the wrist against your neck and shoulder and wrench the elbow so the arm locks in straight, then push the elbow into your body. You can do the same for the far arm in your side control when he turns into you.

  • Cutting Armbar from Guard

    When you have closed guard, you can pull the opponent's arm forward so that his wrist is close to your head. Then you can trap his wrist between your neck and shoulder and angle to your side. Locate the elbow and wrench it straight for the finish.

  • Backtake from Side Control

    When you have side control, you can push the opponent onto his side, apply a giftwrap, align your shin to his back, sit back, and pull him to the other side for the backtake.