Grading Syllabuses

Grading Syllabuses

2 Seasons

These are videos demonstrating the techniques used in the grading syllabuses used at VR Jiu-Jitsu. (1) White Belt no stripes TO White Belt 1st Stripe (2) White belt 1st stripe TO Blue Belt

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Grading Syllabuses
  • Escape Back Control with Shoulder Pin

    Episode 1

    When your opponent has your back with hooks on and you fall onto the choking side, you can use this method of pinning his shoulder to the mat while you remove his top hook and move to into turtle.

  • Farside Spinning Armbar from Knee Ride

    Episode 2

    When you are in Knee Ride, and your opponent pushes on your knee to counter, you get an underhook on the pushing arm, step over his head, grab his pants, and spin into an armbar. Details are included about where to place your arms and where to step.

  • Farside Spinning Armbar from Side Control

    Episode 3

    When you have side control, you can start attacking an Americana. If he defends by bringing his arm on the other side to hug your head, you can wrench his arm at his elbow, step over his head, grab his pants, and spin into an armbar. This includes preventing him from defending using his grips.

  • Folding Pass from Knee Shield Half Guard

    Episode 4

    When the opponent has knee shield half guard, you can grip his knees and bring to the far side and slide your knee between his thighs. Keep head low against his shoulder and clear his hooks. Then pass to the original side.

  • Leg Weave Pass from Knee Shield Half Guard

    Episode 5

    When the opponent has a knee shield half guard, you can use your shoulder or chest to pinch the knees together, place your head on the far shoulder and grip the collar to complete the leg weave pass.

  • Fundamentals of Side Control Escape - Part 4

    Episode 6

    Instead of increasing your frame to replace your guard, you can choose to get an underhook after controlling the opponent's leg and then progress to a sweep and pass.

  • Fundamentals of Side Control Escape - Part 5

    Episode 7

    When the opponent has just pass your guard, you can choose to turn on your side and get the underhook to immediately start your sweep and pass.

  • Position of Turtle for Guard Retention

    Episode 8

    The turtle position is used to retain the guard. It's normally entered from a seated guard as a result of defending the guard pass. But to effectively sit back into a seated guard from turtle, you must keep the opponent's hips above your shoulder line.

  • Top Position on Opponent's Turtle

    Episode 9

    When in the top position of the opponent's turtle, you must attempt to get below the shoulder line to get a dominant position. Otherwise your opponent can sit back into a guard.

  • Understanding Spider Guard

    Episode 10

    Spider guard is a position where you have double sleeve grip on the opponent and your feet are maintaining the distance on the opponent's hips, thighs or biceps.

  • Guard Position of Reverse De La Riva

    Episode 11

    Reverse De La Riva is a guard position with an inside leg hook and inside ankle grip. You are on your side to stop head control, and you other leg is maintaining the distance with either on the near hip or controlling the nearside arm

  • Grip Break on Pants using Scoop

    Episode 12

    When you are in seated open guard and your attempts to gain a pant grip before you are ready to engage a guard, a scoop grip is a fast means of breaking the grip without needing to counter sleeve grip.

  • Grip Break of Pants using counter sleeve grip and kick

    Episode 13

    When the opponent grips your pants, you can counter grip his sleeve and kick your leg straight to break the pants grip. This is normally done from your spider guard when he counter grips your pants.

  • Top Position of North South

    Episode 14

    The North South top position is when you pass the guard and maintain chest-to-chest dominant control with your legs 180 degrees away from his legs. You normally get to this position from side control when he attempts to recover his guard.

  • Top Position of Combat Base

    Episode 15

    When you are in top position on your knees, combat base is a ready position that prevents the closed guard and also allows easy movement into the knee slice or standing position. Stay on the ball of the supporting foot of the kneeling leg.

  • Top Position of Knee Ride

    Episode 16

    The top position of knee ride is a dominant position from passing the guard and placing one knee on the opponent's belly. The other knee needs to be off the mat.

  • Guard Position of De La Riva

    Episode 17

    The De La Riva guard is when you control one leg with your outside leg hook and your ankle grip. You also control the opponent's angle with the other leg on the hip or upper thigh. When the opponent breaks down this guard, he would normally stuff the foot on his hip or thigh between his legs. To ...

  • Stack Pass Fundamentals - Part 1

    Episode 18

    The stack pass is common to do once your opponent’s guard opens and you’re already on your knees. This video shows entry from the closed guard break while on your knees

  • Stack Pass Fundamentals - Part 2

    Episode 19

    When opponent resists your stack pass attempt by using his feet to push off your hips and plank his body, you angle and get one leg over the shoulder and pin the knee on his other leg to complete the pass. This is sometimes known as the Over Under Pass.

  • Stack Pass Fundamentals - Part 3

    Episode 20

    When you have the modified stack pass where one leg is over your shoulder and you are pinning the other leg with your hand, and the opponent makes it difficult for you to pass the original side, you can switch the passing side by stapling the non stacked leg and then blocking the kneeshield with ...

  • Stack Pass Fundamentals - Part 4

    Episode 21

    When you modify the stack pass to function like the over under pass, and the opponent does not allow you to pin his far leg to the floor, you can switch back to the stack pass by keeping his hip very high in the air and continuing to press his knee to his face.

  • Osoto Gari Takedown

    Episode 22

    This takedown uses an outside leg reap from standing. Grab a collar grip. Pull them forward to get the reaping leg to step forward. Then step your leg behind his leg, bend forward while pushing his torso down and pulling the sleeve back.

  • Double Leg Takedown

    Episode 23

    Change levels, step forward so that your foot lands under their hips and your shoulder hits the belly. Secure hands behind both legs near the knee. Then step the other forward and tilt your head to the side to push them laterally while holding their legs.

  • Ankle Pick Takedown

    Episode 24

    Push the same-side collar grip to get the weight off the nearside leg, and then pick up the ankle with your other hand. Use the inside hand to pick up the ankle for easier access to the backside.