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Half Guard Pass using opponent's farside lapel

Guard Passing • 7m 1s

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  • Rug Pull Pass of the Guard Pull with ...

    When the opponent pulls guard using a sleeve grip and the foot on your hip the same side, you can counter grip his sleeve and secure a cross pant grip. Then as he sits into guard, you can pull up your grips and finish the pass to kneeride.

  • Counters to Guard Pulls that use foot...

    When your opponent attempts to pull guard with the foot on the collar grip side, you can parry his leg across or push it to the mat. When he puts the foot on the sleeve grip side, you can push the leg to the mat and secure chest-to-chest half guard.

  • Omoplata Counter by Stepping Over Head

    You can counter the omoplata by stepping both legs over the head and passing into side control.