Guard Passing

Guard Passing

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Guard Passing
  • Retaining Spider Guard from Opponent's control of your legs

    When you enter Spider Guard with double sleeve grips, you can retain your spider guard from your opponent's attempt at controlling your legs by keeping his posture broken, constantly using your grips and feet to square back up, and sitting up if he throws your legs to one side. This video introdu...

  • Passing Lasso Spider Guard with Leg Smash

    When the opponent has the lasso spider guard, and you cannot remove his foot from your armpit, you can move to the opponent's front side and smash his legs to the mat. From there you can pass to side control or mount.

  • Passing the Lasso Spider Guard with Over Under options

    When the opponent has the lasso spider guard and you can't spin your hand out of the lasso, remove the foot from the armpit and pin the far leg to the mat. This allows you to use the Over Under technique to pass the guard.

  • Stack Pass to Knee Cut when opponent defends

    When the opponent defends your stack pass by using his arm or his leg, you can pin his farside knee to the mat to create an over-under opportunity where you can complete a knee cut pass.

  • Basics of the Stack Pass with option of knee pin

    When you have double underhooks on the opponent's legs from his open guard, you can lift his hips off the mat and apply pressure onto his legs to complete a stack pass. If you can't lift his hips, you can modify the pass by pinning the far knee to the mat.

  • Half Guard Pass using opponent's farside lapel

    When you have chest-to-chest half guard, you can use the opponent's farside lapel to pin his far shoulder to the mat and work on freeing your leg from his legs. This video addresses common resistance encountered during this passing technique.

  • Rug Pull Pass of the Guard Pull with foot on hip

    When the opponent pulls guard using a sleeve grip and the foot on your hip the same side, you can counter grip his sleeve and secure a cross pant grip. Then as he sits into guard, you can pull up your grips and finish the pass to kneeride.

  • Counters to Guard Pulls that use foot on hip with collar and sleeve grips

    When your opponent attempts to pull guard with the foot on the collar grip side, you can parry his leg across or push it to the mat. When he puts the foot on the sleeve grip side, you can push the leg to the mat and secure chest-to-chest half guard.

  • Pass Knee Shield Half Guard with Smash Pass

    When the opponent has kneeshield half guard, and you attempt to reset his hips but he keeps his knees pinched and feet crossed so you cannot do the knee cut or X pass. move his knees to the farside and pin his hips and knees for the smash pass.

  • Pass Knee Shield Half Guard with X Pass

    How to use the X Pass to pass the Knee Shield Half Guard when the Knee Cut is not an option because the opponent squeezes his knees tight together.

  • Farside Knee Cut for passing quarter guard

    When the opponent has your foot in quarter guard, secure an underhook on the nearside, and then knee cut to the far side to pass using your shin to block the hips.

  • Passing the Quarter Guard from Mount position

    When the opponent has only your foot in his guard, you can move into mount and secure double underhooks to execute this pass.

  • Reset hips to Pass Kneeshield Halfguard with Knee Cut

    When the opponent has kneeshield half guard, you can remove the kneeshield by lifting the knees to flatten hips and then you can position your knee and arm in between his knees while his hips are flat so you can launch the knee cut pass.

  • Clark Gracie style Knee Cut Pass of Kneeshield Half Guard

    Knee Cut pass of the kneeshield half guard from Clark Gracie with the farside lapel grip and knee cut over the opponent's shins. Once clear of his half guard, then reach for the head to stop his movement.

  • CLASS: Torreando techniques against Spider Guard (26-Jan-24)

    When you are going for the Torreando Pass by securing 2 pant grips, your opponent often counters with Spider Guard. These are techniques you can use to overcome the counters of the spider guard.

  • Countering the Spider Guard during Torreando Pass attempt

    When the opponent tries to use spider guard to counter your pant grips, push his feet to the mat or stack him to complete the pass.

  • Torreando Pass on the Seated Guard

    When the opponent has seated guard, you knock him onto his back onto the mat to complete the Torreando Pass. You can use your shoulder on his belly to knock him down once you move past his toes. Or, you can lift up his legs into the air to knock him down before you begin your move to an angle.

  • Torreando Pass by pushing shins into opponent

    From the double pant grip and pushing the shins into the opponent, you can do the torreando pass. When he pushes back, you can go into a reverse knee ride. If he doesn't push back, then you can go into north south position, ensuring that hip stays on the mat while you consolidate the chest to che...

  • Passing the Kneeshield and Half Butterfly Guard

    When the opponent uses his kneeshield to block your knee cut pass, you can switch your hips to pass the kneeshield. To prevent chest-to-chest half guard, the opponent will likely insert a half butterfly hook when you switch your hips. Flatten his hips to nullify his butterfly hook, and then pass ...

  • Counter to Guillotine from Closed Guard using Von Flue Choke

    When the opponent does a Guillotine from his closed guard, use the Von Flue Choke to escape and pass. Move your hips to the opposite side of your head and apply should pressure on his neck to motivate him to reconfigure his legs.

  • Farside Knee Cut Counter to Underhook Half Guard

    Counter to underhook half guard by pushing shoulders to the mat and getting nearside underhook. Then tripod to clear your knee and then do knee cut on farside to pass or go to 3/4 mount to pass.

  • Reclaim Underhook to Knee Cut from Underhook Half Guard

    Reclaim the underhook from half guard top by going into reverse half guard, clearing your knee, reclaim the underhook, and then do a knee cut pass.

  • Counter the Underhook Half Guard by blocking hip

    When opponent tries to get a deep underhook from half guard, you can defend by blocking his hip with your knee. Then you can counter by transitioning into a Smash Passl

  • 50/50 Escape to Leg Drag

    Escape the 50/50 position by moving your foot to the other side of the opponent's hips and then drive your knee to the mat so that he cannot recover 50/50. Then pin his hips and prevent him from going to turtle before finishing the leg drag pass.