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Stack Pass to Knee Cut when opponent defends

Guard Passing • 4m 20s

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  • Basics of the Stack Pass with option ...

    When you have double underhooks on the opponent's legs from his open guard, you can lift his hips off the mat and apply pressure onto his legs to complete a stack pass. If you can't lift his hips, you can modify the pass by pinning the far knee to the mat.

  • Half Guard Pass using opponent's fars...

    When you have chest-to-chest half guard, you can use the opponent's farside lapel to pin his far shoulder to the mat and work on freeing your leg from his legs. This video addresses common resistance encountered during this passing technique.

  • Rug Pull Pass of the Guard Pull with ...

    When the opponent pulls guard using a sleeve grip and the foot on your hip the same side, you can counter grip his sleeve and secure a cross pant grip. Then as he sits into guard, you can pull up your grips and finish the pass to kneeride.