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Basics of the Smash Pass and dealing with resistance

Guard Passing • 4m 36s

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  • Passing from Headquarters position us...

    When you enter Headquarters position from De La Riva, immediately apply pressure to the opponent's legs. When he push his shin across your body, then you can apply the Folding Pass by pressing his knees together to the outside. If he squares his hips up to the mat, then apply the Knee Cut Pass.

  • Passing from Headquarters by keeping ...

    When you get into Headquarters, immediately pin the outside leg and trap his inside leg to the outside of your body while keeping heavy on his hips. Then sprawl off his hook and complete the pass to the side of the pinned leg.

  • Retaining Spider Guard from Opponent'...

    When you enter Spider Guard with double sleeve grips, you can retain your spider guard from your opponent's attempt at controlling your legs by keeping his posture broken, constantly using your grips and feet to square back up, and sitting up if he throws your legs to one side. This video introdu...