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Passing Lasso Spider Guard with Leg Smash

Guard Passing • 6m 38s

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  • Passing the Lasso Spider Guard with O...

    When the opponent has the lasso spider guard and you can't spin your hand out of the lasso, remove the foot from the armpit and pin the far leg to the mat. This allows you to use the Over Under technique to pass the guard.

  • Stack Pass to Knee Cut when opponent ...

    When the opponent defends your stack pass by using his arm or his leg, you can pin his farside knee to the mat to create an over-under opportunity where you can complete a knee cut pass.

  • Basics of the Stack Pass with option ...

    When you have double underhooks on the opponent's legs from his open guard, you can lift his hips off the mat and apply pressure onto his legs to complete a stack pass. If you can't lift his hips, you can modify the pass by pinning the far knee to the mat.