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Finishing the Leg Drag Pass from realistic counters

Guard Passing • 13m

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  • Long Step Pass from Reverse De La Riva

    When in opponent's reverse de la riva guard, pop off his foot on your hip, and clear the hook. Then grab the nearside collar and drop into the long step pass.

  • Long Step Pass from De La Riva

    When opponent has you in his DLR guard, you can pass using the near side collar grip and opposite pant grip. This video includes important details to control his ability to turtle and keep the DLR leg grip.

  • Details of the Smash Pass with Leg We...

    When in a top position where one of the opponent's leg is between your legs, you can enter the smash pass position and finish the pass to side control or mount using the leg weave option. (Audio cuts out in several areas but does not detract from the lesson).