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Watch this video and more on VR Jiu-Jitsu Online

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Smash Pass from Knee Shield Half Guard

Guard Passing • 4m 7s

Up Next in Guard Passing

  • Torreando Pass pushing feet to mat

    When approaching the open guard and you can secure a pant grip on each leg, you slam the feet to the mat and hop to the side to prevent spider guard entry. Then put in a divider with either your knee or your shoulder. Swap grips to complete the pass only after his shoulder is on the mat.

  • Smash Pass from De La Riva top

    Break down the opponent's DLR by stepping over his foot and then descend to the opposite side to position his hips for the Smash Pass, using a leg weave variation.

  • Break down the Reverse De La Riva Gua...

    When opponent has reverse De La Riva guard, you break it down by removing foot off hip and hand off ankle. Then shuffle towards the center to do a quick standing X Pass.