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Counter the Underhook Half Guard by blocking hip

Guard Passing • 3m 25s

Up Next in Guard Passing

  • 50/50 Escape to Leg Drag

    Escape the 50/50 position by moving your foot to the other side of the opponent's hips and then drive your knee to the mat so that he cannot recover 50/50. Then pin his hips and prevent him from going to turtle before finishing the leg drag pass.

  • Escape 50/50 from using a shin wedge ...

    When you are both seated in 50/50, you can escape into the leg drag pass by using your free leg as a wedge to escape your knee. Once your knee is free, you can use your 50/50 leg to move into a leg drag pass.

  • Escape standing 50/50 into the Step T...

    When you stand in the the 50/50 guard, and you uncross the legs while holding on to his feet, you can do the step through pass.