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CLASS: Closed Guard Break and Pass (24-Jul-23)

Class Instruction at VRJJ • 12m

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  • CLASS: Over Under Pass Counters (21-J...

    When countering the over under pass, you can push the head to the passing side, apply a kimura, catch a triangle, or perform a pendulum sit up into the top crucifix.

  • CLASS: Overcoming Resistance to Over ...

    When doing the over under pass, the opponent can do the Kimura, curl the leg, or cross feet. This video shows how to avoid the kimura and resistance with the legs. It also shows the over under pass with and without the foot trapped.

  • CLASS: X-Guard Attacks (14-Jul-23)

    Enter the X-guard from Spider guard and find opportunities to sweep with the near side or far side sleeve grip. There are also opportunities to attack the triangle and backtake from his reactions.