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CLASS: Estima Lock entries and defense (7-Nov-23)

Class Instruction at VRJJ • 9m 6s

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  • CLASS: Breaking the Spider Web armbar...

    When your opponent defends against your armbar from mount by putting his arms in a figure 4, also known as the spider web defense, you can break it using one of these two methods. If the opponent manages to get onto his knees, you can transition to the belly down armbar.

  • CLASS: Heel Hook from 50/50 and Backs...

    Inside heel hook from the standard 50/50 and backside 50/50. This video shows a few ways to enter the backside 50/50 from a standard 50/50 or X-guard, including Robert Deggle's preferred entry.

  • CLASS: 50/50 and Leg Drags (4-Nov-23)

    When you are in 50/50 standing or double guard, you can put your foot to the other side and immediately put weight on that knee to complete a leg drag pass. You can also enter 50/50 from your De La Riva to defend against the standing opponent's leg drag attempt.