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Passing the Quarter Guard

VR Jiu-Jitsu Fundamentals • 2m 11s

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  • Omoplata Shoulder Lock and Set Up fro...

    Set up the Omoplata from closed guard. Once you pass the leg over the face, push face away and build height. Take care in curling the legs to the other side.

  • Kimura from Knee Shield Half Guard

    When you have knee shield half guard, and you secure kimura grips, you finish the Kimura by removing the knee shield and then rolling all the way to the other side to face his head while applying the shoulder lock.

  • Ezikiel Choke from anywhere

    The Ezikiel Choke is a choke that can be applied from any position if you can isolate the opponent's head with your arms. Hug the head, grab inside the hem of your own sleeve, apply the blade of your hand into the neck, and then apply the choke by attempting to straighten out your arms.