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CLASS: Sequence for Footlock, Ham Sandwich, Toe Hold, Knee Bar (24-Sep-23)

Submissions • 10m

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  • Breaking down the Boot & Straight-Leg...

    When you are attempting a toe hold and your opponent defends by curling his toes backwards or straightening out his legs, these details will help you break down those defenses.

  • Toe Hold from Single Leg X (SLX) top ...

    When you are in the top position of your opponent's SLX, you break down his guard by disengaging both feet, slapping on the toe hold, and then fall back to complete the toe hold submission.

  • Armpit Americana from Overhook in Clo...

    When you have an overhook from your closed guard, and the opponent has his arm kinked (by choice or by force), you can catch him in an Americana while his wrist is still under your armpit.