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Watch this video and more on VR Jiu-Jitsu Online

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Armbar from Back Control

Submissions • 10m

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  • Knee Shield to Sweep to Kneebar options

    From knee shield, move your shin to the opponent's opposite armpit to execute a sweep or kneebar options.

  • Knee Shield to Underhook to Belly-Dow...

    When you get the underhook from knee shield, you can bump him forward to get his hand on the mat, and then move your outside leg over his back and point your knees over his should towards the mat while your instep drives his head to the mat. This will lead you into the belly-down or rolling armbar.

  • Knee Shield Pass to Mount to Tarikapl...

    Stop the underhook from your opponent's knee shield and then pass the knees using a hip switch. Then enter a kimura grip and pass the guard directly to mount by posting your forehead to the mat. Then execute the Tarikaplata.