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Watch this video and more on VR Jiu-Jitsu Online

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Belly Down Armbar from being stacked

Submissions • 7m 27s

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  • Belly Down Armbar from Closed Guard

    When you enter the armbar from closed guard, and he moves his head in opposite direction of the armbar so that you do not drive his head to the mat, you can enter the belly down armbar to finish on your side or flip him to finish from your top.

  • Baseball Bat Choke from underneath

    You can enter the baseball bat choke by securing the 2 collar grips while your opponent is busy setting up a pass or attack. When his head lifts off your chest and you can get a clean connection of your forearm to his neck, you stay with the choke and move your hips no matter where he goes.

  • Williams Guard Entry and Attacks

    Enter the Williams Guard from closed guard and enter the omoplata, triangle, or you can sweep to get monoplata or armbar.