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Brabo Choke from chest-to-chest Half Guard top position

Submissions • 6m 36s

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  • Lapel Choke from half guard top using...

    When you have chest-to-chest half guard top position, you can feed the opponent's farside lapel under his armpit and secure a grip under his head. Then you can use that lapel to do a choke similarly to the cross-collar choke while still in half guard.

  • Baseball Bat Choke from Knee Ride

    From your knee ride, you can secure a palm up and palm down grips on the opponent's collar. Then move your hips into a more north south position to complete the Baseball Bat Choke. If the opponent turns on to his knees, you can continue tightening the choke from underneath him.

  • North South Choke from top using oppo...

    When you have a dominant top position, secure a palm up grip and a palm down grip on the opponent's collar or farside lapel to enter a choke from the north-south position.