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Double Under Counter to Triangle

Close Open

No Arm Triangle from Double Under

Submissions • 3m 32s

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  • Double Under Counter to Triangle

    When opponent begins putting his arms under your thighs to begin the double under pass, you can quickly counter y underhooking his arm from between your legs. Then you can fish out the arm to enter the triangle.

  • Belly Down Armbar from being stacked

    When you apply the armbar from guard and the opponent applies a figure 4 bicep defence and stacks you, you can rotate underneath him to get into the belldown armbar position.

  • Belly Down Armbar from Closed Guard

    When you enter the armbar from closed guard, and he moves his head in opposite direction of the armbar so that you do not drive his head to the mat, you can enter the belly down armbar to finish on your side or flip him to finish from your top.