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Triangle Entry from Spider Guard Scissors Sweep attempt

Submissions • 2m 25s

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  • Lasso Sweep, Triangle, Omoplata, or A...

    When your opponent goes into combat base to counter your spider guard scissors sweep, you can attack with a lasso sweep, triangle, omoplata, or armbar.

  • Gold Chain Armbar from Spider Guard

    When you have double sleeve grips in Spider Guard and your opponent is on his knees, you can enter the Gold Chain Armbar leg configuration. If he turns his head away to avoid the armbar finish, you can follow through to the finish by rotating over your forehead for a belly down finish.

  • Spider Lasso Guard to Farside Omoplata

    When you have the Lasso Spider Guard, with a lasso on one of his arms and the shin on the bicep of his other arm. Tilt the opponent to the lasso side and then enter the Omoplata on the opposite side.