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Heisen Guard from failed Triangle

Sweeps • 2m 43s

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  • Collar Drag Sweep

    When you have seated guard, and the opponent is on his knees, you can use the collar drag to get access to the opponent's leg and drive his head towards the mat while you lift his leg to flip him over.

  • Crucifix Sweep from Willliams Guard

    When you have Williams Guard, and he holds you leg with his free hand, you can control the far sleeve and then thread your foot over his far bicep to control him in a crucifix and sweep him where there are finishing options of monoplata, gogoplata, or armbar. This sweep is sometimes known as "Dom...

  • Imanari Roll Basics - Part 2

    Part 2 of 2. This video continues shows how to place your head and hands at the midway point of the roll. Then it shows you how to start the roll either from seated guard, on your knees, or on your feet.