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  • Overhead Sweep from X Guard with near sleeve and collar grips

    When you have the nearside sleeve grip from X Guard, grab his collar and pull his weight over your body. Then flip his hips over his shoulder using your X hooks to get him to forward roll. Use the connection of your X hooks on his legs to pull you up over his body to complete the sweep.

  • X Guard Sweep Options depending on upper body grips

    When you enter X Guard from open guard, the upper body grip that you have will dictate the type of sweep you can do from X Guard. When you have the nearside sleeve or collar grip, you can do an ankle back sweep. If you have the far sleeve grip, you can do a forward sweep. If you have no upper bod...

  • Backside X Guard to Backtake or Leg Drag

    When you enter the Backside X Guard position from X Guard, and your opponent leans forward, you can use the crab ride position to drive his knees to the mat. If he starts rotating, use the hip grip, pant grip, and crab hooks to maintain the backside position that sweeps the opponent and lands you...

  • Backside X Guard Entry and Sweep to Leg Drag

    From Spider Guard, enter the X Guard and then begin the Get Up sweep by getting his weight onto the far leg. Then lift his leg and put it on the other side of your head and re-establish your X Guard hooks. Immediately grab his belt and drag him to the mat, landing into the Leg Drag position.

  • X Guard Get Up Sweep without upper body grips

    When you have X Guard without any upper body grips, you can still sweep the opponent by forcing his weight onto the far leg while gettin up onto your knees with his other leg.

  • Backward Sweeps from X-Guard without upper body grips

    When you achieve X-Guard, you need to quickly abrupt his balance before he can start breaking down your guard. Two good balance disrupters that do not require upper body grips is the backward sweeps using either the far leg grip, or the ankle pick.

  • Spider to X Guard Sweep Options with sleeve control

    When you Spider Guard, you can enter the X Guard with control of the opponent's sleeve and do a foward or backward sweep.

  • Spider Guard to DLR to Sit Up Sweeps using sleeve control

    From your Spider Guard, you can enter De La Riva (DLR) and Sit up with sleeve control between his legs. With far sleeve control, you can do a foward sweep. With near sleeve control, you can do a single leg sweep, or overhead sweep.

  • Spider to DLR to Single Leg Sweep with nearside sleeve and collar control

    From Spider Guard, enter the De La Riva (DLR) and then situp to execute the Single Leg Sweep using nearside sleeve and collar control.

  • Spider Guard to De La Riva (DLR) to Sit Up Sweep with far sleeve grip

    Enter De La Riva (DLR) from Spider Guard, and then sit up and pass far sleeve grip between the opponent's leg to execute a forward sweep.

  • Spider to X Guard Ankle Pick Sweep with nearside sleeve control

    Use Spider Guard to enter the X Guard. Then retain the nearside sleeve grip and execute the Ankle Pick Sweep backwards.

  • Spider to X Guard Sweep with far sleeve control

    When the opponent is standing in your Spider Guard, you can enter the X Guard and retain the grip on his far sleeve to do a forward sweep.

  • Spider Scissor to De La Riva X Guard Sweep to Leg Drag

    When you attempt the Scissor Sweep from your Spider Guard but the opponent has very good balance, you can enter the De La Riva (DLR) X Guard and complete a sweep that lands you into the Leg Drag position.

  • Spider Scissor to 70/30 Sweep to Leg Drag

    When you attempt the Scissor Sweep from your Spider Guard, and the opponent stands up to stop your sweep, you can enter the 70/30 position and complete a sweep that sets up the Leg Drag pass.

  • Spider Guard Scissor Sweep from Kneeling or Standing

    When you have Spider Guard you can do the Scissor Sweep on the opponent, whether he is kneeling or standing on the mat. The principle is the same where you extend one foot on a bicep and weaken his base by using your other leg to control his leg on the sweep side.

  • Lasso Catapult Sweep on Standing Opponent

    When your opponent is standing and you have double sleeve grip, you can do the Lasso Catapult Sweep by breaking his posture, securing a lasso and gripping his leg at the knee.

  • Lasso Sweep from Side Control

    When you have a lasso grip and your opponent attempts to pass to side control, you can use the lasso to disrupt his balance and get to his leg to flip him over your body.

  • Overcoming resistance to the Lasso Catapult Sweep

    When the opponent attempts to swivel his hand to defend the Lasso Catapult Sweep, you secure your lasso grip by turning your palm to the ceiling and elbow to the mat. When he defends by pull his weight back, you can sit up and rock him forward to get a grip on his far leg.

  • Lasso Spin Under to Tornado Sweep or Omoplata

    When you have the lasso grip, you can invert to spin underneath him and grip his pants to pull him over your lasso leg for a Torando sweep. If he pulls back, you can spin through into the Omoplata.

  • Butterfly Hook Sweep from opponent's Knee Cut attempt

    When the opponent attempts a Knee Cut pass, defend by entering the Reverse De La Riva guard. Then use your butterfly hook to put his knee to the mat and secure grip on his far collar and sleeve. Then lift his leg to complete the Hook Sweep.

  • Butterfly Hook Sweep from cross-sleeve arm drag

    When you have butterfly guard and a cross sleeve grip, you can arm drag your opponent to secure a grip on his belt or far armpit. Then you can connect your butterfly hooks to do a hook sweep. If he prevents the sweep, you can replace the cross sleeve grip with a grip on the far leg to assist in c...

  • Butterfly Guard to Single Leg X (SLX)

    Use your Butterfly Guard hook sweep attempt to enter the Single Leg X position for leg entanglement.

  • Butterfly Hook Sweep from cross sleeve and belt grips

    When you have the cross sleeve grip in your Butterfly guard, you can arm drag him to secure a belt grip on his back. Then as he pulls back to defend, you can scoot your hips under his hips and pull him into a hook sweep.

  • Basics of Hook Sweep from Butterfly Guard

    When you have Butterfly Guard, a very common entry into the Hook Sweep is to scoot closer at a right angle and grip the belt on his back and a far sleeve grip. Then fall to your shoulder to get his weight onto the far knee while lifting his leg up with your butterfly hook to complete the sweep.