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Lasso Sweep from Side Control

Sweeps • 3m 0s

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  • Overcoming resistance to the Lasso Ca...

    When the opponent attempts to swivel his hand to defend the Lasso Catapult Sweep, you secure your lasso grip by turning your palm to the ceiling and elbow to the mat. When he defends by pull his weight back, you can sit up and rock him forward to get a grip on his far leg.

  • Lasso Spin Under to Tornado Sweep or ...

    When you have the lasso grip, you can invert to spin underneath him and grip his pants to pull him over your lasso leg for a Torando sweep. If he pulls back, you can spin through into the Omoplata.

  • Butterfly Hook Sweep from opponent's ...

    When the opponent attempts a Knee Cut pass, defend by entering the Reverse De La Riva guard. Then use your butterfly hook to put his knee to the mat and secure grip on his far collar and sleeve. Then lift his leg to complete the Hook Sweep.