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Hip Bump Sweep from Closed Guard using NoGi

Sweeps • 4m 0s

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  • Heisen Sweep from Kimura set up in kn...

    When you set up a kimura from kneeshield halfguard, and the opponent grabs your leg to defend the armbar, you can enter the Heisen Guard Sweep by sliding your knee under his armpit.

  • Kimura to Choi Bar to Heisen Sweep

    When attacking the Kimura from your closed guard, put your foot on the hip and swing your free leg over to the attacking arm to get the Choi Bar (armbar variation). If he holds your leg to prevent the free leg from swinging over his head, then you can slide your knee under his armpit to do the He...

  • Muscle Sweep from Closed Guard

    In closed guard, secure a cross sleeve grip. When he stands up to break your closed guard, you get an underhook on his leg and buckle his knee outward to get him to fall. Then push yourself up to mount.