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Reverse Sweep from Underhook Half Guard

Sweeps • 5m 31s

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  • Counter Sweep from Low Knee Cut Pass

    Use this counter sweep when the opponent tries a low knee cut pass with his hips high and head low. When he attempts to pushes your knee to keep you from recovering full guard, you can trap his arm between his legs and do a hook sweep.

  • SLX to Butterfly Ashi Sweep to Footlock

    When the opponent is standing in your Single Leg X (SLX) guard, and takes your foot off his hip and steps off your inside hook, you can transition to the Butterfly Ashi leg entanglement to do the back sweep and then immediately finish with the footlock. This video includes details on the finishin...

  • De La Riva Guard Recovery and Single ...

    When the opponent goes into headquarters position by stepping over your foot on his hips and traps it between your legs, you can grab his collar to recover your De La Riva (DLR) guard. Then if he tries to push your leg back between his legs, you can grip his far sleeve and do a single leg sweep.