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Finishing the Arm Triangle Choke in Mount or Half Guard

All VR Jiu Jitsu Instructionals • 3m 13s

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  • Arm Triangle Choke from Side Control ...

    The Arm Triangle Choke traps the opponent's head and arm. Setting it up from Side Control, adjusting it in kneeride or mount, and then finishing the choke on the far side is a common sequence.

  • Counter the Arm Triangle Escape with ...

    When you attempt the Arm Triangle Choke from mount, but your opponent swings his arm back in front of your face, you can immediately counter with an Ezikiel Choke. Maintain the head hug and bring your other arm over his shoulder. Then grab your own sleeve and apply the choke with either with the ...

  • Countering the Arm Triangle Bridge Es...

    When you locked on an Arm Triangle, and the opponent escapes by bridging away from the choke, you can counter in 3 ways. You can slap on a figure-four grip on his arm and do an Armbar or a Kimura. Alternatively, you can take the back slap on a seatbelt to secure the back.