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Watch this video and more on VR Jiu-Jitsu Online

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2-on-1 Cross Sleeve Scissors Sweep to Arm Drag

Backtakes • 3m 56s

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  • Backtake from Underhook Half Guard

    Take the back from your kneeshield half guard using underhook by throwing his arm off your back and onto the floor. Then move to secure a seatbelt and take his back.

  • De La Riva to Berimbolo back take

    From De La Riva (DLR), grab the belt and drag his hips to the floor. Then invert into the Berimbolo while keeping his hips as close to your head as possible. Squeeze your thighs above his knees so that you can control his hips while you reach for his far leg or hip to complete the back take.

  • De La Riva to Crab Ride from transiti...

    From De La Riva, use the collar grip to drag him forward and get his weight off the leg. Then put the foot on his hip to transition to X guard and shelf his leg on your shin. Then pass the leg over your head and move into crab ride.