These videos show you techniques from various top and bottom positions that allow you to access your opponent's back.

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  • Backside X Guard to Backtake or Leg Drag

    When you enter the Backside X Guard position from X Guard, and your opponent leans forward, you can use the crab ride position to drive his knees to the mat. If he starts rotating, use the hip grip, pant grip, and crab hooks to maintain the backside position that sweeps the opponent and lands you...

  • Deep Lasso tilt to Corkscrew Armbar to Switch Backtake

    When you have a deep lasso, you can use it to tilt the opponent to one side and get his hand on the mat to enter the Corkscrew Armbar. Then from there, if the armbar fails, you can take the back.

  • Double Under Stack Pass Counter with Back Take

    When the opponent attempts the double under stack pass, you can counter with a back take by gripping both of his sleeves and wedging your legs under him.

  • Lapel Backtake from chest-to-chest Half Guard top

    When you have chest-to-chest halfguard top position, you can use a grip on the opponent's farside lapel to secure a back take when he turns away from you. You can even use the same lapel grip to get a choke after the backtake.

  • Options to Pass the Quarter Guard with Mount, Knee Cut, or Backtake

    When the opponent has quarter guard from a knee cut attempt, you can pass by moving his hips using your leg. You can pass or take the back from mount, or use farside knee cut to clear the foot.

  • Flower Sweep to Backtake using Cross Post

    When the opponent defends your flower sweep with a cross post, you can take the back by securing grips on the tricep of the cross post arm and the farside armpit area. Once these 2 grips are in place, you can move your hips around to the backside of his hips, or you can drag his hips down in fron...

  • Flower Sweep to Crab Ride and Backtake

    When the opponent defends your Flower Sweep by cross posting, you can lift his leg over your head to access the backside and insert your crab ride hooks. Then you can take the back.

  • 2-on-1 Cross Sleeve Scissors Sweep to Arm Drag

    When attempting the 2-on-1 Cross Sleeve Scissors Sweep and the opponent defends by leaning his weight to the other side, you can do an armdrag that will give you access to the back when he is forward or the body lock pass if he leans back.

  • Backtake from Underhook Half Guard

    Take the back from your kneeshield half guard using underhook by throwing his arm off your back and onto the floor. Then move to secure a seatbelt and take his back.

  • De La Riva to Berimbolo back take

    From De La Riva (DLR), grab the belt and drag his hips to the floor. Then invert into the Berimbolo while keeping his hips as close to your head as possible. Squeeze your thighs above his knees so that you can control his hips while you reach for his far leg or hip to complete the back take.

  • De La Riva to Crab Ride from transition through X-Guard

    From De La Riva, use the collar grip to drag him forward and get his weight off the leg. Then put the foot on his hip to transition to X guard and shelf his leg on your shin. Then pass the leg over your head and move into crab ride.

  • Spider Guard to De La Riva and Baby Bolo back take

    Transition to De La Riva (DLR) from spider guard and then use the deep DLR hook to access the back using the Baby Bolo technique to get to the crab ride.

  • Escaping 50/50 position to Crab Ride and Backtake

    When the opponent stands up in 50/50 you hook his far leg from behind using your free foot, and then enter the crab ride position, which will give you an opportunity for a backtake.

  • Backtake from switched base facing feet

    When your opponent has side control and he switches his base facing your feet, keep him low on your hips, grip his collar and hook the nearside leg to sit up and take his back.

  • Omoplata to rolling backtake from Scissors Sweep setup

    When opponent lifts up his nearside knee to counter the Scissors Sweep, you can switch to an omoplata sweep and then roll into a back take from the top.

  • Back Take and Triangle from Scissors Sweep set up.

    When opponent lifts up his nearside knee to prevent the Scissors Sweep, you can execute a back take or a triangle.

  • Rolling Back Take from De La Riva

    When the opponent has the DLR guard on you, you can back step over the DLR leg and then roll into a back take.

  • Rolling Back Take from X Guard

    If you get him to turn an standard X-Guard into a Single Leg X, you can roll into a back take.

  • Rolling Back Take and Triangle from Bicep Sandwich

    You can get to the bicep sandwich either from an Omoplata sweep, or directly from side control top. From there, you can setup a rolling back take, or roll into a triangle from the backside.

  • Double Under counter to Back Take

    When the opponent attempts a Double Under Pass, you can perform this counter and end up taking his back.

  • Attack options from arm drag from closed guard

    From your closed guard, secure a cross sleeve grip and perform an arm drag to create opportunities for the back take, pendulum sweep, or armbar.

  • Double Under Stack Pass defense to Back Take counter

    You can use your legs to perform a wrestler's switch for a back take when your opponent attempts to do a stack pass from double underhooks on your legs.

  • Knee Shield Pass to Back Take using Kimura grip

    You can get passed the knee shield by threatening a Kimura and switching the side of your hip weight. You can pass the guard posting your head to the mat to clear the foot. Then you can roll forward to land on your back, and you can take the opponent's back when he tries to get up onto his knees ...

  • Maintaining Good Back Control

    To maintain good back control, you must ensure a good seat belt and a good chest-to-back connection with your shoulder glued to the back of the neck. When the opponent is trying to escape, keep a good chest-to-back connection regardless of the configuration of the hook.