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Backside X Guard to Backtake or Leg Drag

Backtakes • 5m 26s

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  • Deep Lasso tilt to Corkscrew Armbar t...

    When you have a deep lasso, you can use it to tilt the opponent to one side and get his hand on the mat to enter the Corkscrew Armbar. Then from there, if the armbar fails, you can take the back.

  • Double Under Stack Pass Counter with ...

    When the opponent attempts the double under stack pass, you can counter with a back take by gripping both of his sleeves and wedging your legs under him.

  • Lapel Backtake from chest-to-chest Ha...

    When you have chest-to-chest halfguard top position, you can use a grip on the opponent's farside lapel to secure a back take when he turns away from you. You can even use the same lapel grip to get a choke after the backtake.