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Double Under Stack Pass Counter with Back Take

Backtakes • 3m 34s

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  • Lapel Backtake from chest-to-chest Ha...

    When you have chest-to-chest halfguard top position, you can use a grip on the opponent's farside lapel to secure a back take when he turns away from you. You can even use the same lapel grip to get a choke after the backtake.

  • Options to Pass the Quarter Guard wit...

    When the opponent has quarter guard from a knee cut attempt, you can pass by moving his hips using your leg. You can pass or take the back from mount, or use farside knee cut to clear the foot.

  • Flower Sweep to Backtake using Cross ...

    When the opponent defends your flower sweep with a cross post, you can take the back by securing grips on the tricep of the cross post arm and the farside armpit area. Once these 2 grips are in place, you can move your hips around to the backside of his hips, or you can drag his hips down in fron...