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Closed Guard Break by Standing with Knee Wedge (part 2)

Fundamentals • 3m 14s

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  • Closed Guard Break by Lifting Opponent

    When in closed guard, you can stand up and lift the opponent with you and then shake while pushing on the legs to break open the guard. Then staple the leg to the floor to complete a pass.

  • Escaping Side Control using Frames

    When in the closed guard, you can build a frame to recover your guard. Start with your forearms, then bridge and shrimp to create space for adding your knees or feet. Then you can get butterfly or closed guard.

  • Americana from Side Control top

    When you have side control on your opponent, and he puts arm frame in front of your head, you can attack his arm with an Americana shoulder lock by pushing his wrist to the mat and connecting your arms.