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Fundamentals of Side Control Escape - Part 4

Fundamentals • 6m 51s

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  • Smash Pass of opponent's Knee Shield

    When opponent applies a knee shield to prevent a Knee Slice pass, you can smash the knees together and pass on the opposite side.

  • X Pass Fundamentals - Part 2

    Part 2 of 3. Variation of X Pass where you place one hand on hip and the other hand on knee. Then move to right angle and place shoulder into his stomach to complete the pass.

  • Papercutter Choke set up from side co...

    To avoid having him defend the choke before your grips are in place, you can setup the papercutter choke grips by using your cross face to get the armpit grip, and get the thumb-in collar without having to put your forearm across his face.