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CLASS: Osoto Gari, Ankle Pick, Double Leg Takedowns (21-Aug-23)

Class Instructions • 8m 58s

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    This class is about catching the exposed heel midroll and freezing the opponent in the ideal condition for a heel hook at the end of the roll. The 2 rolls explored are (1) the SLX reaping roll, ending in the Outside Ashi Heel Hook and (2) Inside Sankaku running man roll, ending in Inside Heel Hoo...

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    When in butterfly guard, you get up to catch the loop choke and finish with leg over shoulder, arm-in with forearm pillow, or arm-in with backwards roll to top. You can also enter the loop choke from a collar drag sweep attempt when the opponent defends the sweep by moving his legs away from you.

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    When you are turtle top, you can push the opponent's head into your armpit and secure the nearside arm before executing a gator roll. You can finish on your back or backwards roll to finish in top side control. You can also use this set up to pass the half guard when he gets an underhook.