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Grading Syllabuses

Collar Drag Sweep

2m 53s

Up Next in White Belt 1st Stripe

  • Collar Drag to Backtake

    When you use the Collar Drag, either from standing or from your seated guard, you can use it to gain access to his back if you immediately secure a grip near his far armpit.

  • Collar Drag Takedown

    When both are standing in a match, you can use the collar drag to access the leg for a takedown. If he lands on his hands, lift his leg while pushing his collar to the ground to flip him over. If he remains on his feet, lift the leg up while using the collar grip to compromise his balance.

  • Farside Armbar from chest-to-chest si...

    When you have side control, and you isolate the opponent's far arm, you push his wrist to the mat and interconnect your arms to do a cutting armbar.