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Counter the Arm Triangle Escape with Ezkiel Choke

Submissions • 1m 52s

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  • Straight Footlock on Farside Foot of ...

    When you are in 50/50 and the farside ankle is exposed, you can catch the foot under your armpit and then step your outside leg across the body below the knee to get a tight straight footlock.

  • Triangle Entry from Spider Guard Scis...

    When you attempt the Spider Guard Scissor Sweep and the opponent lifts up a knee to defend, you can enter the triangle by using your foot on his hip to raise your hips while moving your foot on the bicep over his shoulder.

  • Lasso Sweep, Triangle, Omoplata, or A...

    When your opponent goes into combat base to counter your spider guard scissors sweep, you can attack with a lasso sweep, triangle, omoplata, or armbar.