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Reverse Sweep from Dog Fight

Sweeps • 3m 4s

Up Next in Sweeps

  • Avoid pummeling or getting smashed in...

    When you have the underhook in half guard, avoid his pummel for an underhook by moving forward each time he moves backwards. If you get smashed by his chest, you can turn to your side and then move into the sweep or backtake.

  • Reverse Sweep from Underhook Half Guard

    When the opponent has a wizzers on your underhook from half guard, trap his wizzer arm, pull his inside leg so that his knee turns in (cayote hook), and then scoot underneath for a reverse sweep.

  • Counter Sweep from Low Knee Cut Pass

    Use this counter sweep when the opponent tries a low knee cut pass with his hips high and head low. When he attempts to pushes your knee to keep you from recovering full guard, you can trap his arm between his legs and do a hook sweep.