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Turtle Sweeps when opponent is in front of you

Sweeps • 4m 9s

Up Next in Sweeps

  • Underhook Sweep from Turtle bottom

    When you have the turtle bottom position and the opponent is hip-to-hip behind your shoulder line, you can secure an underhook to achieve the dogfight position and perform a sweep.

  • Reverse Sweep from Dog Fight

    When you get onto your knees from an underhook half guard, you are in the dogfight position. Trap his arm in the overhook position and pinch your knees around his knee to trap his leg. Then fall forward onto your shoulder and grab his far leg to complete the reverse sweep.

  • Avoid pummeling or getting smashed in...

    When you have the underhook in half guard, avoid his pummel for an underhook by moving forward each time he moves backwards. If you get smashed by his chest, you can turn to your side and then move into the sweep or backtake.