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Watch this video and more on VR Jiu-Jitsu Online

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Waiter Sweep from X Guard

Sweeps • 3m 14s

Up Next in Sweeps

  • Reverse DLR Sweep using bicep stomp

    When in Reverse De La Riva, you can sweep the opponent by securing the near side sleeve and then placing your foot on his bicep and stomp towards the floor.

  • Heisen Guard from failed Flower Sweep

    When you secure a cross sleeve grip instead of same side sleeve grip when attempting a Flower sweep from closed guard, you can enter the Heisen Guard when the opponent posts to stop the Flower Sweep.

  • Heisen Guard from failed Triangle

    When opponent postures from your triangle from guard attempt, you secure the cross sleeve and pant grips and the enter the Heisen Guard where you can do a sweep that lands you into a position where you can backstep into an omplata from the top.