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Balloon Sweep from Spider Guard

Sweeps • 1m 15s

Up Next in Sweeps

  • Pendulum Sweep

    From closed guard, control opponent's arm on sweeping side and underhook opposite leg. angle body at right angle. Then use your leg as a pendulum to generate energy to sweep.

  • Omoplata from standing closed guard

    When the opponent stands in your closed guard and you have a cross sleeve grip, you can grip the collar and underhook the leg to attempt a muscle sweep. But if the muscle sweep fails, you can feed the sleeve to the underhook hand and grip his collar. Then open your leg for an omoplata entry.

  • Muscle Sweep to Corkscrew Armbar

    When you get a muscle sweep but the opponent tries to stop your mount by pushing his free arm into you, you can throw your leg around his arm and do an armbar on that free arm.